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Port Edgar Berth Holders’ Association (PEBHA) works with the Port Edgar Marina Management team in identifying areas for the the efficient and safe use of the facilities, and the development and improvement of Port Edgar Marina.

BHA Live Webcam

BHA PE Marina Live webcam



Click on the image to the left to see our Live Webcam (located on the seaward side of the Loop shed on the main pier).

BHA Live Weather

Port Edgar Marina - Live! Weather Information



Click on the image to the left to see our live feed weather station data (located on the seaward side of the Loop shed on the main pier).

Or check out our Weather Forecast information to the right. Click on the “More forecast” to see the forecast for the next 5 days.

Port Edgar Tide Information

Click here for full tide information.

Port Edgar Marina – WiFi

Port Edgar Marina - Live! Weather Information

Port Edgar Wi-Fi is up and running!
Free to log on, the wireless service area covers marina reception, Port Edgar Yacht Club and the pontoons.


Note – Time adjusted for BST/GST.
Disclaimer: Tide time information is for
education purposes only. Not to be used for navigation.

Tracking of ships outside Port Edgar (Live Feed)

Port Edgar Marina Tracking of ships - NEW! 2017
Zoom in or out using the controls at the top left. Click on any vessel to see more data including tracking information – name, type, status, speed, direction, destination, e.t.a., location (lat & lon), size, draft, call sign, the flag the vessel sails under, and even some images of the vessel. (Disclaimer: Not for navigation)


Expired Distress Flares – what should you do?

NEW! 2017
Most manufacturers tend to date their distress flares to expire at the end of December, so your winter inspection routine is a good time to check them. If any have expired or appear to have deteriorated through damage or through being left in water, then quarantine them immediately in a separate container and remove them from the vessel as soon as possible. [SEE MORE]

Silting and Grounding

NEW! 2017

The Port Edgar Berth Holders Association is aware that some vessels have unexpectedly grounded in the approaches to Marina berths. We have raised this with Marina management, and sought ways to prevent this happening.

More information on our discussions are set out in fuller detail in this website – HERE, but the main recommendation is that on entering or leaving, as the the dredged channels tend to be closer to the East or West Breakwaters, boats should steer accordingly. As the floating breakwater can clearly shift position, keep well clear of the Tyre Barrier, especially to the South, and approach pontoons close to their entry points.

As a guide, a copy of a chart showing relative depths immediately after dredging earlier this year has been pinned up by the Marina on their notice board at the side of the Loop Shed on the main pier.

It has to be stressed that this is only a “Snapshot” of the position at that time, and that silting is constantly liable to change.