I have had a discussion with Marina management this morning, 16 April, and have the following to report:

1. Crane: Drilling for the pile requirements will start in April and report will be available in June. The supports and crane are now planned for end of year completion.

2. Pontoons: New pontoons are to be delivered soon, some will be a little later as they need to be customised. Piles will be modified 3 May after which they are likely to be installed. They will have glass fibre decks (like the ramp)

3. Thumper: Dredging will continue for a short while after when she will be withdrawn from service to have her engines overhauled.

4. The Open Day – 8 May – 10.00 till 16.00 – will be an activity filled day and so far 7 yacht owners have volunteered to give visitors an experience of sailing. Well done. Should any more wish to take part either with their boat or in some other supportive way please contact Adam.

5. New boat shifting trolleys are planned for purchase along with a new power washer and grating for the sailing school ramp.

6. Scottish Water will be working on the outfall west of the Western breakwater for about 6 weeks. This will be completed early June, it is expected. The legacy will be a new hardstanding at the inshore end of the breakwater.

7. Edinburgh Leisure is aware of the initiative taken by Terry Kirchin (PEYC) for progress to be made for marina development and of BHA’s support too.

Lastly, some damage was done to a boat where the boarding ladder was swiped. At present no-one has left a note or notified the office that they had done the deed. It is only courteous to do so. You wouldn’t like it to happen to you. Do own up should you be a culprit in future. It makes life much easier when you do.

Frank Pullen,

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