Monthly Archives: December 2009

Dear all,

I hope the season brings you fun and festivities and the New Year bring you fair winds and good weather to clean your bottoms, and for the Mobos, a full tank of clean fuel.

Just a few notes about my latest chat with the Marina team:

1. Weather station web cam and broadband use. Tentative acceptance of a joint project and a meeting will be called early in the New Year.

2. Tyre barrier work has been completed for this year.

3. The water leak on shoreside is being staunched. Some way to go yet but improving.

4. Crane installation will require expensive civil engineering. Installation is still to proceed. Working methods will change for craning out.

5. Plans for replacing existing pontoons and installing new ones proceed.

6. Port Edgar Brochure is being set up and BHA has been offered advertising space.

7. Newsletter is being prepared and needs BHA input by end Jan 2010.

8. The Marina has agreed to collect subs for BHA in the same way as last time.


Frank Pullen (Bosun)