Monthly Archives: October 2010

Meeting at Port Edgar – 28 Oct 2010

I have attended a meeting at Port Edgar this afternoon with Deidre Brock, Chris Tonks, James Stewart (RYA), Sport Scotland and a number from Edinburgh Leisure.
The aim of the visit was unclear but we showed Deidre around the whole marina and buildings around the site although omitting the old military hospital. It was made obvious that the site has potential and that investment in the site is long overdue and would be most welcome. There are also complications with SSSIs and with buildings being listed that together cloud the issue.
There is genuine enthusiasm for the site and to make changes that will benefit all users. We emphasised that there is the marina, PEYC, Scouts, RNSA, Sea Cadets, Bosun’s Locker chandlery, Sail Loft, Ferry Marine, ADG as well as the very busy sailing school. Development must include them all.
The outcome seems to be that the Council will improve communication with the stakeholders in the site and will send news of decisions and changes as and when they occur, probably through Edinburgh Leisure.

Frank Pullen