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Chairman’s Blog – 8 Nov 2010

At this morning’s meeting with Kenny George (Adam is off sick) we discussed the following:-
The work team at the Marina is short of manpower as two are off sick and seasonal staff are supporting the work in the meantime.
Drying out berth – No progress but it is on the task list.
New Trolleys – On site and in use.
Pontoon Maintenance – Some of the boards I highlighted earlier in the season have been replaced but shortage of staff and busy workload means they have not all been replaced. Broken boards are replaced immediately. All pontoons are being pressure washed to remove slippery green growth.The hardware for pile guide and float repairs have been procured and will be insttalled.
New Pontoons – The work on the new pontoons will restart this month.
New Crane – On schedule for completion for the start of the 2011 season. There is no transport trolleys available to meet the max load of the crane so loads are limited to 12 tons of boat, sleepers and cradle. I have asked to have that problem considered and suitable provision be procured.
Dredging – Thumper’s engines are back in the vessel however there are some problems with one engines alignment that should be completed this week. Dredging will recommence as soon as the vessel is ready. The aim is to dredge D pontoon corner, where the channel is narrow, South side of  D and the new crane berth. Given time more will be done. Owners have been asked to move boats where needed.
Working under suspended Loads – Complete.
Stud bolts – Not yet done.
Notice Board – Help requested to provide one that doesn’t leak.
Road surface – Potholes repaired.
Police – The new Inspector for this patch has visited. He recommends locks on all trailers, locking all boats and boat names painted on all trailers.
Hoses – There are 4 hoses for the pontoons. I have asked for the promised 2 per pontoon to be made available.
Changing Rooms – Users are recommended to use the lockers to prevent theft.
Boat shed berths – The ballot is complete and will be used again next year.

Frank Pullen