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Chairman’s Blog: 27 January 2011

Hope everyone had a good season of merriment after which comes a time of lists of tasks and purchases to get our boats ready for the next season on the water. I have caught up with the Marina Management with the following brief on progress so far:
1. Diesel: Following the EU directive on new diesel with biofuel there may have to be some changes. The Marina is investigating supplies with a view to making a definitive statement of the fuel they will sell. It would pay all boat owners to check on what fuel they use and the directive to ensure that damage doesn’t follow engine use. It is always a sensible precaution to use a biocide in diesel tanks over winter anyway. More news to follow.
2. Membership renewal: There is insufficent space on the application form for our membership prompt. A letter will be sent with invoices (as last year).
3. Weather station: Progress has slowed and PEYC has been prompted. We and the marina are still willing to fund the project this year (2011).
4. Drying out Berth: No movement on this front yet but we have urged that this be done before boats are launched for next season so that painting of pad marks can take place.
5. Pontoons: The new pontoons are installed. Water and electricity are being connected up. Water pipes are being repaired following the freeze(s).
6. Gangways: Marina has been requested to fix “childwires” at the landings on the gangways.
7. Crane: Crane delivery is being postponed, more news later.
8. Dredging: Dredging will take place now that Thumper is fully serviceable (contaminated engine oil has caused a delay). Around D and between A and B are first on the list.
9. Notice Board: Marina has promised assistance with providing a new notice board.
10. Stud bolts: No progress and awaits manpower.
11. AGM: Marina management have been invited to give a briefing at the AGM.
12. Port Edgar initiative: There has not yet been any change since last September. However a meeting is to be arranged where all interested parties will be invited to outline their plans to enable a development plan to be drawn up.
13. BHA Jumble Sale: 27 Feb is the date and the sailing school shed has been booked. Marina will provide tables, chairs and large signs for the sale and the Bar!
14. Next Committee Meeting: Lecture room has been booked for 7 Feb meeting.
15. Bridge contracts/negotiations: The successful contractor is expected to be announced in April. More news later.
16. Shed Door sizes: Enlarging shed doors to accommodate larger boats will form part of any development plan. More news later.
17. Applications for berths have been sent out. Berthing fees have been increased 3%. Cranage fees have altered too. Fees will change on 1 Apr so early launches will attract current fees.
18. Free coaching: The marina will offer free mooring training to those allocated berths on the new pontoons.
19. Recycling: A new terminal for bins will be prepared and notified with suitable signage. All boat owners will be urged to use them responsibly.
Happy New Year all!!!

Frank Pullen

Chairman, BHA