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Chairman’s Blog – 13 June 2011

Following the Committee Meeting of last week I met Adam and here are the notes from that meeting:

  • Membership Renewal. Adam has promised to insert the BHA renewal onto next year’s form and has already drafted the amendment.
  • Weather Station. Graeme Scott and myself met Adam last week and the project will go ahead and a feasibility report has been drawn up. Graeme will be meeting FPA to ensure that our plans will not interfere with the Radar etc., that they need for their operations.
  • Pontoon maintenance. Boards are being replaced as and when discovered broken. Links and pile guides are being progressively replaced.
  • New Crane. There will not be a new crane for some time.
  • Dredging. There is not a great deal of good luck with Thumper. After less than 100 hrs. since the engine refurbishment the Port engine has blown a head gasket!
  • Notice board. The BHA new notice board will be mounted on the Loop shed wall with a backing board, if necessary, imminently.
  • Stud Bolts. These have been ground down.
  • Boat Jumble. A third boat jumble is to be held on Sunday 26 February 2012.
  • Marine Diesel prices. This subject has been checked and we are being sold diesel at the correct rate and taxation levels.
  • Gangway. Welding netting on the gangway landings is now on the marina task sheet.

Licences and security numbers: Several members had not received licences nor the revised gate codes. This will be investigated.

The Eastern toilet block. EL/Council maintenance team will be progressed. In the meantime a new sign will be placed on the doors.

Jim Reid’s note was discussed and the following is the outcome:

  • Pressure washing of pontoons. Walkways will be done but fingers will not as the spray dirties boat topsides.
  • Crane. The crane will not now be purchased.
  • Tyre Barrier. The problem is well known however, it is not expected to be worked on in the current climate.
  • Dredging. See above.
  • Safety when craning. Masts are to be fully prepared for stepping or otherwise; staff may request that the owner takes the fore stay when dismasting to prevent damage. The staff will do all work necessary under suspended loads.
  • Maintenance of pontoons. See above.
  • Security. Leaving gates open will be investigated.
  • Eastern Car Park Surface. The car park surface has been levelled but is unlikely to be resurfaced. However, to the west of the dinghy park an area will be “grass creted” to provide parking spaces where there is currently grass.
  • Western Toilet Block. See above.
  • Toilet and changing room privacy . Separate changing areas and supervision of young marina users was discussed and will be taken up by the School and marina management.
  • Rates booklet. The booklet was published later than expected but is freely available now.

Frank Pullen

Chairman’s Blog – 8 June 2011

At the committee meeting on Monday 6th June we put together a decision on the stance that we think the BHA should take following the departure of Edinburgh Leisure in 2014. In essence we would like to see the continuance of the marina and so we favour a joint effort with whomsoever will get together with us to offer a “community” effort to generate new management . We are sure that you will agree with that decision. Should you have any comment upon that please email us.

The following day several BHA members were at the PEYC meeting. Following an introduction by Terry Kirchin, Commodore PEYC, presentations were made by four speakers: Keith Giblett, Chair of S.Queensferry Community Council; Martin Latimer who managed the startup of marinas; me talking about Blyth and the Royal Nurthumberland Yacht Club’s efforts; and finally Norman Hill, Client Manager of First Ports.

These gave some ideas of the potential of the marina, which we all endorse, and the availability of funds and the ways that can be used to startup the management of the marina.

Initially PEYC are to put together a project team. It is to be composed of a number of volunteers of whom two will be Brian Smellie and me. As things progress we will keep you apprised. In addition I will pass on the formal notes that will interest you.

What is clear is that the effort will be very much a joint one and communication will be important. I will be more frequent with Blogs on this in addition to normal BHA matters.