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Chairman’s Blog 17 Aug 2011

The second meeting held on 16 Aug to discuss the Project to manage the marina after EL took place at PE. There was plenty of discussion around what it would mean, what it would entail, the territory, the financing and the difficulties that might face any team managing the marina. Several people are investigating those points and as one might expect much is not readily available for immediate consumption however, they shared what they had gathered. Furthermore the Council has yet to produce the document that defines what is required in the form of an invitation to bid. The crucial point there is that that information has to be made available by the Council in a suitable form for not only a community project (such as ours might be) but also for commercial companies who might be interested in taking on Port Edgar.

Brian Smellie and I are helping and have been very involved already and are making clear the views of BHA members when considering what is to be done (and charged).

The main concerns are what is entailed and how is it to be financed. As that information is not yet clear it is uncertain how this is to be completed and the shape of the management. I am sorry I cannot be more precise at this stage but as soon as we can I/we will let you know more.

How is this for an invitation though? We are planning a meeting in October, probably 7pm on the 10th, in the Yacht Club to hear about progress on the Bridge Construction project and a second presentation on the Marina Management project. Hopefully that will help update you on where we are and what is going on.

Fair winds

Frank Pullen