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Chairman’s Blog – May 2012

This morning, 9 May, I met Adam and here is a brief note of our discussions:

  1. Weather Station: On Saturday Graeme Scott and Karl Weibye met to discuss the transmission of data from a weather sensor into the web. It seems the best choice for comms. is to site the apparatus near the crane and use Cat 5 cable to move the signal towards the main offices and the web. Adam is chasing the EL IT department to discover the ownership of telephone lines in the loop shed.
  2. Sea bottom survey: The survey of the marina sea bottom will be released as soon as Adam gets clearance to do so.
  3. FRBC: The meeting of 17 May outlined the timetable for delivery of bridge hardware (Caissons etc).
  4. Pontoons: The grating purchased so far has been fitted. Adam is pursuing further funding to complete all pontoons with the same surface.
  5. Storm damage: WALCON are to supply replacement pontoon and walkway parts and are being hastened.
  6. Fuel Tank: A replacement tank of 18000 litres is to be procured to support marina users and especially the commercial users. Greater quantities will mean a stronger negotiating position with diesel suppliers. Forecast for this year.
  7. Staffing: Stuart is leaving and interviews are taking place to recruit a replacement. Fraser will be taking a work break of 4 months. Adam is having to work here and at EICA to assist EL staffing.
  8. Boat shifting: Boats are being shifted to free up valuable space.
  9. Shed doors: Preparations have been made to widen shed doors and awaits manpower to complete.
  10. Craning: The staff are working to keep up with craning demands. Management are working weekends to supplement the team.
  11. Marina development: There is no sign of the Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the marina from the Council – that makes it approx. 2 months later than predicted.
  12. Open Day etc: We have all been made aware that the OPEN DAY will not take place. However, in June (hopefully) the marina will hold an “Active Marina” day. Organisations to be invited to take part may include: RYA, RNLI, Green /Blue etc. We are all asked to contribute to the programme by stating our needs, such as – Training crew to continue home should the skipper be lost overboard, Safety topics, How to tow a yacht with a rib, etc, etc. All members are invited to email us to offer other topics. There will also be a social event (Barbecue?) to be determined.

Cheers and fair winds

Frank Pullen