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Chairman’s Blog – Sep 2012

I met with Adam on Sunday at 0930 as this seems to be the best time to get him!

Weather Station: Told him we have purchased hardware and are testing. He and Kenny are chasing a mast and the broadband, hopefully by the end of this week.

Dredging: The follow-up survey is to be done. If the bridge-builders accept responsibility it is unlikely, in Adam’s opinion, to result in dredging. A cash offer may be made. He is aware of other negotiations on the river and he will keep trying to arrange a joint effort. I stressed the importance of dredging.

Thumper: Is still US but Kenny is hastening action to get the repairs done. Turners make promises and then break them in light of larger contracts.

Toilets: I stressed again the need to separate the public from the youth changing rooms by sorting out the facilities near Shed 4. The task will be raised again by Adam with some urgency.

Active Marina: We were asked for topics for an Active Marina day. We offered 6 and they will be considered for next season.

Membership: I stressed the need for a large membership and Adam will resolve to do his utmost to include the “opt out” box on applications this time around. He acknowledged the need.

Approach Road: Following all our complaints, and that especially that of Mr Ian Griffiths, the road surface has been repaired. Well done the Council.

New member: Adam welcomed the inclusion of Colin Henderson (Yacht Charter) on the Committee membership.

Departee: Adam has been fortunate in getting the post managing EICA. In the interim, before a new manager is appointed, Kenny and Pat will take on the role between them.

A call from the Commodore of PEYC advised the acceptance by Port Edgar to host the East Coast week sailing next August. It is envisaged that a number of activities will include rowing, Dragon boats, the sailing school etc. as well as the regatta and racing with a great deal of social events. BHA has been asked to participate so we will discuss and offer something we can all join.


Frank Pullen

Chairman BHA