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Chairman’s Blog – Late Oct 2012

Following quite a long time without news of the takeover of the marina’s management, I took the opportunity of an informal discussion with Russell Aitken (Bosun’s Locker) to find out what is happening. Of course, he couldn’t/wouldn’t discuss anything that is confidential or sensitive. So here is a summary of what we discussed:

Russell is one of the management of Port Edgar Holdings that consists of lawyers, engineers and other specialists as well as investors from Edinburgh. Together they have submitted a detailed bid to City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) within the prescribed timetable and the offer is based on “early entry” – earlier than Apr 2014 although this may be problematic. Since submission a few detailed questions have been posed by CEC and Edinburgh Leisure, but no further news has been passed. They await any announcements.

In the meantime the bid did contain the following, although understandably they are short term plans :

A “Capital” effort on dredging.

  1. No additional pontoons yet.
  2. Replacement of pontoons over time with some being heavier to assist with the provision of shelter as there are no plans, in the short term, for wave barrier development.
  3. Preferred option for boat lifting is to extend the slipway and add a slipway hoist ( probably 25 ton lift).

Investment shore-side envisages a new hub of offices, marina reception, restaurant, bar and some refurbishment to current sheds and blocks although there is uncertainty about the plans for Sea Cadets and the Sailing School. A cafe may also be included.

The footprint for the bid is recognised as small and that may require a short term lease solution for boat storage space, especially as there is no closure date for the contractors working on the current bridge supports.

Frank Pullen