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Chairman’s Blog – November 2013

Thursday 21 Nov I had a chat with Russell and here follows the brief notes on that discussion:

1. Relationship: It is clear that Port Edgar Marina Ltd (PEML) wish to maintain a close relationship with the BHA.

2. Meetings: Russell wishes to have an informal programme of meetings with the BHA Chair whenever there is subject matter to discuss or information to pass.

3. Funding: In the past EL has contributed £100 per annum towards running costs and PEML will continue this arrangement.

4. Security: The current security arrangements will continue and the contract has been let. However, there are plans to improve and upgrade CCTV, lighting and later traffic flow. PEML also plan to have a regular relationship with the local constabulary.

5. Charges: Although still to be finalised, PEML plan to be in line with EL’s charges although VAT will need to feature. There is planned to have a discount for early payment to help defray any increases.

6. Electricity supply and charges: The current arrangement will continue for the present. A straight transfer from EL will take place thus releasing users from any inconvenience. Readings will be taken more regularly and frequently ensuring the closer check of consumption. Review of security of supply may follow at a later date.

7. Boat Jumble: Bosun’s Locker are happy to support the Boat Jumble and may take a table. Further contact with JP Watersports is necessary to get use of the shed. (Added note: Done and JP Watersports support the sale with shed and tables.)

8. Project Office: It is planned to establish a PEML Project Office in the main block. Although it may not be occupied full time, the architect and engineers will be using it to progress the development of the Marina. (Now done)

9. Dredging: The plan to have a capital dredge continues. The licences have been applied for and procurement progresses. It is hoped that the dredge will take place in early February 2014.

10. The Hub: Building a hub for the Marina is planned for year 1 or 2. Information will be promulgated as soon as decided upon, on hoardings around the site.

11. Wifi: The ability to have a reliable Wifi system for the marina and the Yacht Club is in mind as a joint operation. Karl Weibye has been introduced to Russell and discussions and decisions will follow.

I extended an invitation to address the BHA’s AGM next year and he accepted.