The committee has started action following the discussion at the AGM and afterwards with members of the BHA. The topics include:

  • Electricity supply. There is still some concern over securing the meters, the supply and the need for a deposit. The managers of the marina have confirmed that the deposit is still required but recognised the need for security. The plugs on the metermaids will be sealed up with a heat shrink sleeve. This may deter pilfering but will also identify tampering.
  • Barrier maintenance. Calls for tenders to complete the barrier maintenance have been circulated to those who have shown interest in the task. The break up of the barrier makes this a serious and urgent cause for concern.
  • Berthing Fees. The charges for PE are considered high and a return to having six monthly payments for annual charges is requested. In addition, charges for dinghies are also to be reconsidered.
  • RYA. The BHA is to pay the subscription to RYA for affiliation.
  • Bank account. A bank account for BHA has been opened.
  • Website. TheBHA website is not only up and running, but we are adding to it to make it more interesting and useful to BHA members.

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In the absence of a major redevelopment it maybe opportune to advise the management what we, the users of the marina, consider to be important topics. The first thoughts include: Early pontoon maintenmance, Continued and improved dredging, Security of tenure for resident organisations to encourage and enable long term planning and investment, Contacting Chris Tonks to ascertain the finding of hydrographic surveys and any other reports to enable specialists amongst our members to assist with plans.

What we do require are your suggestions for a”Priority List”. Please use the contact method on the site to let us know what you would like to see on such a list. We will add all suggestions and then prioritise them for management. Where we can we will also assist with expertise etc, from those amongst us who can best help.

More later

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