Murray and I had a meeting with Adam and Kenny on 18 Aug. Here are the topics and the sort of responses we received:

Tyre Barrier:

18 modules of tyres (135 make up the whole barrier) have so far been constructed by marina staff of the 40 needed for the centre section. It is expected to install the centre section at the beginning of September. A steel hawser has been run through the remainder of the barrier to prevent any further deterioration. The contract has been let for the remainder to be serviced.

Why has it taken so long to get something done? The contractors have not been able to start before now and there was also a contributing delay whilst negotiations on price and the amount of work to be done were tackled.

NB. Members are reminded that if their boats sustain damage due to the swell and attributable to the lack of the tyre barrier, they should report it to the Marina office and put in a claim for repair or replacement of damaged parts.


Dredging for the new pontoons, to be installed near the new gangway, is due to start this week, probably. All the boats that need to be moved have been and the water under “Thumper” will be deep enough (4 metres). When that element of the dredging has been completed the new fingers will be installed.


Winter dredging will be undertaken and the current plan is to do around pontoons C and D as well as the main channels.
Further major work on the marina is dependent upon the funding available. That is a function of the revenue that can be generated, for instance by implementing more berths. The main factor against borrowing to fund major schemes may be attributable to security of tenure, after all it is hard to imagine that anyone would invest if there is not a reasonable payback period with some time to reap a return.


The installation of a crane to the south-west of the loop shed, is still progressing and funding has been made available. A comprehensive structural survey is to be undertaken, probably this month, and after that the likely manufacturer of a suitable crane will be visited to ensure that what is available is thoroughly suitable and the contract will be let. Completion is expected to take just six months. It may require a new stance to be constructed to the West of the loop shed but that is still to be confirmed.

Planned Price Increases :

We made it clear that after the large increase of the last year coupled with the observed deterioration of the marina in that period, that berth holders would find it difficult to accept an increase greater than that of the rate of inflation. That point of view was accepted and would be forwarded to the Board but it is to be understood that the decision will be made by the Board of Edinburgh Leisure. Furthermore, as all berths are full it cannot be said that protests at prices has resulted in people withdrawing from the marina. Boats are still awaiting allocation of berths in the marina.

Other Discussions :

Adam advised us what work has been carried out recently. Considerable work has been done to the pontoon electrics with the installation of new cables. Maintenance of the pontoons has continued with many boards being replaced, the pontoon tethers to piles have been repaired. It is planned to recondition Thumper’s engines in the near future and funding has been set aside for that work. The changing rooms and toilets have been improved and a disabled facility installed. These may not be used by a great number of berth holders but it is a valuable contribution to facilities here, especially for visitors.

Funding from EL has been constrained this year to that essential for H&S and little else. This Service Implementation Plan will continue until further funds are made available.

The Marina Team is aiming to apply for Golden Anchor awards in the hope that improvements and the award will signal to the Board and the Council that this is a valuable facility for the city and may encourage improved funding.
Adam had contacted Forth Ports Authority to request a speed restriction on the river, whilst the tyre barrier is in its present state. This has been followed up by their notifying Grangemouth harbour management of the requirement. On a number of occasions Adam and Kenny have contacted FPA to complain of speeding ships, and requesting an investigation.

Adam has offered a free dinghy park to PEYC for junior dinghy sailors and has requested what management will be put in place for its management. This is a positive response to our input on the expensive dinghy parking here. A response is awaited. Adam will chase up.

Murray and I asked what PEMBHA can do to help convince the Board of Edinburgh Leisure and the Council that this valuable resource should receive investment to ensure a high quality marina for the Capital. There are two members of the EL Board who have boats in the marina. Furthermore it is believed that one Councillor has a boat here. We asked whether it would be productive to encourage more members to become involved and to be more sympathetic to the needs of the marina and to make further funding available or to change the basis on which EL has to work. How that is to be accomplished is still to be determined although informal discussion, to ascertain critical mass of opinion or other involvement, will continue.

There is no doubt that PEMBHA is being listened to. However, the greater the number of berth holders joining the Association will add further weight to what is said and agreed. Please encourage others around you to join. After all, £3 is not too much to ask.

Lastly, there is a questionnaire available in PEYC and the marina office about marina facilities to be forwarded to the Tourism Resources Company. Any help/suggestions that we can offer there may be valuable so please do your best to get a copy and respond.

Frank Pullen – Bosun

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