Chairman’s Blog – July 2014

Today I spoke with Russell Aitken and this is a summary:

The activity is calming down now that most boats have been launched. However work on the landside continues. If you haven’t noticed, apart from the tree felling and scrub clearance the Norway building has been demolished along with the brick buildings that were used by the Parks Dept. Shed 4 is now coming down (after all the contents were removed!).

Demolition plans now include a couple of small brick buildings along the water front as well as the toilet block near shed 4. This latter block will be replaced by new facilities (semi permanent but more modern).

The work plan now consists of maintenance including painting, replacing broken guttering and generally tidying up. In addition, the base of Norway building will be levelled and tarmac’ed to provide parking space.

The next element of “construction” will involve installing WiFi across the site for all users. That is planned to start this season.

Note from the Management:  It has not been possible to read all the “Meter Maids” as some are kept on board locked boats. Please relocate the meter so that it can be read at the pod. 1/4ly bills depend upon accurate readings, not estimates.

Note from the Management:  Boat owners patience and tolerance during the past few months is much appreciated. There has been dust and rubbish from the demolition and rather difficult parking which should ease in the near future. Thank you very much, Russell.


Chair BHA

Chairman’s Blog 21 May 2014

In preparation for next week’s meeting I met with Russell this afternoon and here follows a précis of our discussion:

1. Parking: Currently parking is at a premium but in the next two or three months Shed 4 and the brick buildings will be demolished and additional parking freed up. Parking along the West Road, between the parked boats is not advisable. Restrictions will always be required for the Hoist and delivery trucks, so please be considerate when parking.

2. Trolleys: The current trolleys when consolidated provide adequate for boat owners. It is unlikely that “Shopping” trolleys will be bought for the purpose as they are considered unsuitable for the task, especially with their small wheels. Punctured trolley wheels have been repaired as recently as Tuesday of this week.

3. Dredging: All the dredging that is to be done this year is complete and no more will be carried out. The “holes” amongst the pontoons will even out with normal tidal action. The East Channel was not dredged, as we all know. It is considered by the marina management that there is sufficient depth for the moored boats and dinghies and, as an aid, attention is drawn to the recently released hydrographic survey taken after the dredging operations. Copies of the chart were emailed to a large audience and charts were posted on notice boards. Although, it must be said that a little more mud was removed after the survey’s completion.

4. Maintenance dredging is yet to be planned by the Marina management. To avoid grounding, skippers are advised to check on the chart and to not cut corners after passing the tyre-barrier inbound. It is suggested that leading marks be installed to give clear visibility of the West channel’s course. That will be considered.

5. Fees: The dinghy park at the head of the slip is not being kept for dry-sailing motor craft. Some will be kept there (2 planned at present) the remainder is for dinghies. Management are negotiating with PEYC to devote a convenient park for regular dinghy racers. Negotiations continue. Regular pontoon mooring fees were retained at last year’s prices although VAT had to be added. The Marina allowed a 10% discount for early bird settlement of bills to ameliorate some of that VAT addition.

6. Slip: The prime concern about parking trolleys on the slip is to keep the passage clear for the travel hoist. This task will decrease as the season progresses and all boats are launched. There is some trolley space at the top to the West, near the fuel tank. Otherwise they are to be parked on the East, out of harms way. A scheme has yet to be finalised to mark the travel hoist’s path down the slip. Ski poles below the high tide mark was one suggestion but will probably be discarded although a new scheme is yet to be devised.

7. Flotilla weekends: There will be two weekends of activities. The first will be the flotilla which will use the marina environs for evening events. The following weekend will be for the firework display and will host social events for watchers, probably on the green beyond the Scout Hall. Watch the website.

8. Advice: I have offered advice for any scheme’s by using our collective wisdom and specialists available through the club or BHA. That offer was kindly received.

Frank Pullen

Chair BHA

Chairman’s Blog – End April 2014

In the recent spate of fine weather I managed to get a short chat with a very busy Russell Aitken.

Here follows my observations and his comments:

1. Site Work. The work is going ahead according to his plan. If you have been down at the marina recently you will have noticed that a great deal of work has been done to remove the old overgrown foliage at the entrance and a new fence has been erected. New signage has been erected and most obvious of all, the old sailing school shed has been demolished. The next to go will be the old Park’s Dept. buildings and other brick buildings round the back. End of May will see the Norway building and Sail Loft go and the air raid shelter filled in. Next, sometime later this year Shed 4 will go.


2. Forth Bridges Festival. The aim is to have a smart site for September and the Forth Bridges Festival. There are two weekends of involvement and includes the Flotilla event. The website has information.


3. Dredging. Dredging is now complete and within the next ten days the fingers will be fully reinstated.


4. Commercial Tenants. The commercial side of Port Edgar will see little change in the near future. Tenants have indicated that they are staying and no new ones are planned yet.


5. Plans for Buildings. The immediate plans for the buildings are that they will be reclad and that may start this year and plans for occupation/layout will remain as is for now.


6. Site Security. Security at the marina remains unaltered. “Vigilant” remain the site contractors and watchman. In addition the summer will see a return of the backshift of marina staff working till 2130 and the office manned till 1930 from May.


7. Launch and Recovery. For boat launches and recovery there are choices which depend upon tide/weather and boat type which will dictate whether boat hoist or crane will be used. There is also a matter of training marina staff to ensure that a full complement of drivers is available.



8. Weather Station and CCTV. They are not working. The problem is that the broadband link has been broken. It was agreed that the line would be transferred from EL to the new owners but it has not. Once we ascertain the precise position it will be remedied as we all agree they are a good and useful facility to be retained.


As a final note, we are still looking for a new Chairman for the BHA committee. Volunteers will be welcomed.




Frank Pullen

Chairman’s Blog – February 2014

These are notes from this Friday’s (6:2:14) discussions with Pat (EL) and Russell (Port Edgar Marina Ltd):


Staffing is arranged although arrangements are still being sorted for some pensions.
Sailing School shed will be demolished soon.
PEML plans for improvements are promulgated for us to see. (Marina Office)
Early entry lease has been arranged (just last week)and work has started: dredger will be here in the next week (it has left Denmark), trees have been removed alongside main car park, fences will be repaired/replaced.
The site is being cleared in preparation for handover (42 tons of old pontoons and over 1000 old truck tyres have been removed)
Arrangements are in hand to move boats and pontoon fingers to allow the dredging.
Assets have been sold.
Marina business will continue as normal.


The telephone line dues for the weather station and CCTV will continue to be paid by the marina.
BHA subscriptions will not be arranged through the booking applications form. We will have to arrange our own… Watch this space.
Dredger has been procured and is moving here in the next few days. The capital dredge will take place in the immediate future.

Good luck with the season’s start

Frank Pullen
Chairman BHA

Sailing School – Takeover Progress

The Sailing School task has been awarded to JP Watersports.  You may recall that their business to date has been the sale of dinghies etc. from their property in Princess Elizabeth Yard.

Following a short discussion with James Pearson the following is worth noting:

1. James Urquhart is the manager of the school.
2. Business will proceed as normal.
3. The website is advertising courses.
4. Craft are being replaced including dinghies and rhibs.
5. The office block in the shed is being removed.

As I garner more info I will keep you informed.

Frank Pullen
Chairman PEBHA