Chairman’s Blog – 25 January 2013

Following a profuse apology for my being late, Pat, Kenny and I discussed the following:

  1. Dredging: Thumper is still serviceable and is working. The machinery is being nursed and work is concentrated on the S. Pat has discovered that running Thumper is a major expense.
  2. Prices for mooring: The fees have been restricted to less than 3pc in the main. The new brochure will list all the charges and will be published soon. The brochure will be released on the web. It is worth noting for example that the Ratho soft play area charges have been increased by 17pc this year!
  3. Pontoons: Boards are being replaced whilst funds are being sought for the nylon covering. New lights have been fitted above the refuelling berth to assist with safety. New rails have been fitted on the crane to act as a safety measure.
  4. Maintenance: Work continues. In addition more power points have been installed at the Church. A water trailer with pressure hose has been secured allowing boat owners to power wash boats.
  5. New Staff; Mainly front of house.
  6. New Management: No news yet of the bids for the Marina.
  7. Shed 4 Door: The company due to make and install the new door on Shed 4 has ceased trading.
  8. Laundry: A replacement washing machine has been bought and installed.

Frank Pullen