Chairman’s Blog 6 Sep 2011

Following my meeting with Adam today, here are my notes on progress:

  1. Pontoons:
    1. a. New man-made surface will not be installed immediately, it awaits £25k finances.
    2. b. Bolts and brackets are being repaired.
    3. c. Forth Belle will be moving back to its original mooring, not on pontoons.
    4. d. New edge lights are to be trialled on the new pontoons. Will then be used on new surface of current pontoons when resurfaced.
  2. Fuel tank. A new tank will be purchased and installed on the pier complete with fuel polisher, electronic payment and capacity of 15k ltrs.
  3. Heating. Heating in main block is proposed for replacement.
  4. Waste. Bins have been moved to ensure only berth holders use for waste. Trade waste is being considered separately.
  5. Parking. There is to be no parking on the pier as it impedes marina tasks. Signage and the barrier will control.
  6. Safety. Gangway childproof netting has been progressed. (again).
  7. Crane. Crane servicing of swivels and motors is being completed and crane will take 4.5 tons or 5 without spreaders.
  8. Anodes. Anodes on pontoons have been replaced and the next task is to replace them on piles.
  9. Boatsheds. Shed 4 doors are to be enlarged to improve access for larger boats and more space made available.
  10. Vehicles. The yard tractor is to be replaced, as will the marina van, with more economical, serviceable and adaptable vehicles.
  11. Shed 8. More spaces are to be made available and use will be on a first come-first served basis. Spaces will be reserved for short term use for repairs etc.
  12. Boat spaces. The grassed area has been newly meshed and reseeded.
  13. Main car park. As is obvious an area has been prepared for bridge anchor point maintenance. When complete (18 months) it will be returned to the marina with a fair surface.
  14. The weather station project is continuing, albeit slowly.

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