Chairman’s Blog – End April 2014

In the recent spate of fine weather I managed to get a short chat with a very busy Russell Aitken.

Here follows my observations and his comments:

1. Site Work. The work is going ahead according to his plan. If you have been down at the marina recently you will have noticed that a great deal of work has been done to remove the old overgrown foliage at the entrance and a new fence has been erected. New signage has been erected and most obvious of all, the old sailing school shed has been demolished. The next to go will be the old Park’s Dept. buildings and other brick buildings round the back. End of May will see the Norway building and Sail Loft go and the air raid shelter filled in. Next, sometime later this year Shed 4 will go.


2. Forth Bridges Festival. The aim is to have a smart site for September and the Forth Bridges Festival. There are two weekends of involvement and includes the Flotilla event. The website has information.


3. Dredging. Dredging is now complete and within the next ten days the fingers will be fully reinstated.


4. Commercial Tenants. The commercial side of Port Edgar will see little change in the near future. Tenants have indicated that they are staying and no new ones are planned yet.


5. Plans for Buildings. The immediate plans for the buildings are that they will be reclad and that may start this year and plans for occupation/layout will remain as is for now.


6. Site Security. Security at the marina remains unaltered. “Vigilant” remain the site contractors and watchman. In addition the summer will see a return of the backshift of marina staff working till 2130 and the office manned till 1930 from May.


7. Launch and Recovery. For boat launches and recovery there are choices which depend upon tide/weather and boat type which will dictate whether boat hoist or crane will be used. There is also a matter of training marina staff to ensure that a full complement of drivers is available.



8. Weather Station and CCTV. They are not working. The problem is that the broadband link has been broken. It was agreed that the line would be transferred from EL to the new owners but it has not. Once we ascertain the precise position it will be remedied as we all agree they are a good and useful facility to be retained.


As a final note, we are still looking for a new Chairman for the BHA committee. Volunteers will be welcomed.




Frank Pullen