Chairman’s Blog – End May 2013

Short chat with Pat reveals the following:

New Management – No news on this front yet.

Shed 4 toilets – Roof repaired and now serviceable. Largely efforts of Kenny and Pat… Thank you both. Good result.

Thefts – There have been thefts of outboard engines. Police are liaising with the marina. Vulnerable vessels have been moved within coverage of CCTV cameras. All owners are reminded to do their best to secure their own property. Management have spotted folk seemingly recce-ing and notified police. Please challenge suspicious characters.

CCTV camera – Weather station does progress. Camera has been installed and images can be seen on BHA site at present. Awaits incorporation of weather station. Well done Karl and Kenny.

Chairman is taking active part in Cross Party Group for Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism.

Have a good season of boating.

Frank Pullen