Chairman’s Blog – Feb 2011

I was asked to point out to Marina Management that there are a number of tasks that have not been completed despite our prodding. The result of that discussion with Adam, and Sec in attendance, is as follows:
1. Notice Board. If we buy a suitable board the marina will contribute £100.
2. Toilets at Eastern end of the site: The roof leaks and water flows through the electrics. Water and power switched off and EL Maintenance are costing roof repair. They will be hastened for early conclusion.
3. Pontoon Maintenance. £10,000 of boards are used each year. Currently a new fibreglass mesh is being considered by the Marina to cover the main walkway (but are not committed to it yet).
4. Drying out berth. A shopping list is being costed and will be added to staff task list. Pointed out that it should be finished to coincide with craning-in to enable anti-fouling of stand pad marks. Marina advise that this cannot happen until post April since their budget will not allow.
5. Stud bolts and child wires are being tasked this week. We reminded Adam that this is to be completed before season starts.
We discussed the silting that appears to be inevitable from bridge construction. When the contractor is appointed in April 2011 EL will pursue the contractor to clear up what sediment they disturb and are also to look at providing extensions to breakwaters following hydrographic study.
Chris Tonks (City of Edinbugh Council) is carrying out a condition survey in preparation for site leasing developments.
The Sailing School is to be separated as a standalone cost centre to enable effective analysis of income and expenditure. In addition a separate sailing school for windsurfing and kayak-ing is to be set up at Portobello, under the aegis of PE sailing school.
Bosun’s Locker is to hire Shed 3 to enable expansion of their business.
Mast de-stepping is to be charged at £60, £80, £100 dependent upon size. There will be no constraint so if it takes more than 20 minutes there will be no additional charge. We were assured that prices are competitive with those charged on the West Coast. Crane-age charges are not yet calculated but charges for the new crane, now due in June, will be adjusted to align with experience and the reduced staff requirement. (The pier-head crane is currently unserviceable but is being repaired in time for craning in bookings.)

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