Chairman’s Blog – July 2014

Today I spoke with Russell Aitken and this is a summary:

The activity is calming down now that most boats have been launched. However work on the landside continues. If you haven’t noticed, apart from the tree felling and scrub clearance the Norway building has been demolished along with the brick buildings that were used by the Parks Dept. Shed 4 is now coming down (after all the contents were removed!).

Demolition plans now include a couple of small brick buildings along the water front as well as the toilet block near shed 4. This latter block will be replaced by new facilities (semi permanent but more modern).

The work plan now consists of maintenance including painting, replacing broken guttering and generally tidying up. In addition, the base of Norway building will be levelled and tarmac’ed to provide parking space.

The next element of “construction” will involve installing WiFi across the site for all users. That is planned to start this season.

Note from the Management:  It has not been possible to read all the “Meter Maids” as some are kept on board locked boats. Please relocate the meter so that it can be read at the pod. 1/4ly bills depend upon accurate readings, not estimates.

Note from the Management:  Boat owners patience and tolerance during the past few months is much appreciated. There has been dust and rubbish from the demolition and rather difficult parking which should ease in the near future. Thank you very much, Russell.


Chair BHA