Chairman’s Blog – May 2011


You may have heard or seen Jim Watson’s problems with the separation of the flotation block from his pontoon in the nasty weather of the last week. That resulted in the pontoon sinking and the block threatening his hull.

Please examine your pontoon. If you have suspicions about its integrity inform the marina office as soon as you can. The matter is being taken up with the management.


At yesterday’s meeting EL informed us (BHA, PEYC, Local businesses and councillors) that they expect to withdraw from managing the marina in 2013/2014. Stephanie Anne Harris Head of Sport and Physical activity was present. As this was such news, it was decided that a discussion was needed to compile the optioins and, if necessary, an action plan.

I will update you as soon as I have news or to draw your attention to meetings taking place.

In order that we may speak with a louder voice than so far has been possible, we would like you to encourage as many as possible to join the BHA. The greater the representation the more seriously we will be taken by those who should listen.

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