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Yacht insurance abroad…

I raised the following insurance query with PBO and I asked “If I am dismasted etc. in foreign waters, what cover have I, as skipper, to get my crew home and a replacement crew out when repair is complete?”  Here is a summary of the responses:
  • What’s important is that you chose a policy that complements your sailing and gives you the reassurance that should the scenario you mentioned occur you and your crew are looked after. Should you be sailing outside UK waters and alongside your own boat insurance it is paramount that all crew have a travel policy in place and they have fully disclosed sailing as an activity as some travel policies can exclude sailing.
  • Moving onto your own boat insurance I can’t comment for other insurers but Navigators include “Get You Home Cover” which gets added on to Brest-Elbe cruising ranges which gives cover up to a maximum of £1000 to pay for crew to return to the UK and to get a delivery crew to return the vessel to the home port. This is if the vessel is damaged rendering her unseaworthy by something covered by the policy if it puts it out of use for 7 days minimum, or if someone on board is injured or becomes ill preventing them from sailing for 7 days minimum and it leaves the crew without sufficient experienced crew.
  • If your crew and/or guests suffer financial loss as a result of an incident caused by your negligence as the owner/skipper then they may well be able to claim back some or all of their costs under the liability section of your insurance policy.
  • The absolute key is to fully understood the policy you have purchased and as a result enjoy your boating.
Those of you sailing abroad would do well to check insurance… it is all too easy to take cover for granted.