About Us

Who are we and why are we here?


A principal objective of the Port Edgar Marina Berth Holders’ Association (PEBHA) is to work with the Marina Management team to promote the efficient and safe use of the facilities at Port Edgar. The PEBHA provides feedback from berth holders and joins with the management team in identifying areas for the development and improvement of the Marina.

The Marina management team supports the PEBHA and are committed to a programme of improvements with a view to their retaining/improving RYA Charter Status and BMF awards.


The Committee meets on a regular basis throughout the year and the Minutes of their last 4 meetings are on the website. The last is posted on the PEBHA notice board on the “Loop Shed”. If any member wishes to put forward any matters for discussion at these meetings or the AGM, they should contact the PEBHA’s secretary and, if appropriate, the item will be added to the next agenda.  Send to:

The PEBHA can only deal with matters raised by members so we encourage all berth holders and dinghy licence holders to join the Association (currently £3) and to feedback constructive comments to the Chairman, Secretary or other members of the PEBHA Committee (See list below).

Any problems with the day to day services provided by the Marina should be initially directed to the management team at the Marina Office.

The AGM is held every year in March to which all members are invited. At the AGM reports on progress will be made along with submission of annual accounts.

How does the Committee respond?

The Committee has been elected to represent the views of the berth and licence holders and can only carry out the task successfully if there is regular feedback from members. This feedback can be through the website
or more normally through talking to Committee members.

How does the Committee respond? Apart from the reports given at the AGM, the meeting minutes and the Chairman’s BLOG (which contains the reports on recent meetings with the management team) are posted on the website. In addition these are posted on the Notice Board at the Loop shed.

How to join

All Marina Berth Holders and Dinghy Licence Holders are entitled to join the PEBHA. Those who have not yet joined can do so at the Marina Office by completing the brief application form and then pay the Annual Subscription, currently £3. In addition, applications for berths include an opt out option.


Your subscriptions have supported the running of the PEBHA and left a little surplus. It is this surplus that has enabled the PEBHA to make a donation to the weather station which has been matched by PEYC and further supported by the Marina. In addition to providing weather data, accessed through the link on the home page, Colin Henderson contributed a weatherproof CCTV camera which we have added to enable users to review weather conditions from home. Following the research by Jim Scott of PEYC, the 2016 new webmaster took over the task and has been instrumental in the installation and making new additional links to the internet, which also necessitated many new changes to the website.

The weather station apparatus was subsidised by BlueV for which we are grateful.

BHA Committee

At the AGM in March 2019 the following agreed to serve and were elected to the Committee:

Mike McGregor (Chairman)
Colin Scott (Hon. Treasurer)
Craig Shirlaw (Hon. Secretary)
Frank Pullen (Past Chairman)
Chris Collen (Yachting Rep)
Colin Henderson (Professional User Rep)
Debra Mills (Communications)
Willie Mills (Webmaster)


Media Material

A5 Flyer (Portrait 210 mm x 148 mm) Updated Tuesday 5/11/2019

Port Edgar Berth Holders Association Flyer

A4 Poster (Landscape 297 mm x 210 mm) Updated Tuesday 5/11/2019

Port Edgar Berth Holders Association A4 Poster

A2 Poster (Landscape 420 mm x 594 mm) Updated Tuesday 5/11/2019

Port Edgar Berth Holders Association A2 Poster