Commercial Boating

The Marina is home to a number of commercial users. They include yachts that are used for charter and RYA course instruction, fishing vessels, police vessels, safety vessels in connection with the bridges, the two tourist trip vessels and the “SMIT” vessels which transfer workers to and from the Hound Point Terminal. Lastly we have “Thumper”, the Marina’s sea bed levelling vessel (or dredger…) used to keep channels and moorings clear of silt.

 The skippers of these vessels are all well qualified and experienced. However, their priorities are different from leisure boaters and they will take care not to place other users or themselves at risk. They are fully aware that many of the Marina users are trainees and may also be restricted in their ability to take avoiding action. Even so, other users must do their utmost to use the limited space safely and not deliberately hamper these generally larger vessels in carrying out their business.