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Chairman’s Blog – 11 June 2018

Frank Pullen and I had a meeting with Russell Aitken yesterday to discuss Marina matters and below is a summary of those topics:

1. Site Development. Russell ran through the imminent opening of the restaurant, with its new Terrace currently under construction, and intimated that there are more plans for added attractions and industry but plans are not firmed up, nor planning permission sought. The Sea Cadet and Yacht Club plans are getting nearer to construction but it seems, especially with the Sea Cadets, that there is some delay.

2. Marina Handbook. The latest copy of the Marina Handbook does not contain any mention of the BHA. Inclusion of BHA material would be welcome and should be passed to Russell by Christmas this year for inclusion. In addition, he would accept some reminder notes to marina users such as lifejackets for youngsters, no running on pontoons, knowledge of safety measures, care over electricity usage, conduct during dark hours especially when visitors are moored after long voyages.

3. BHA importance. Once again the topic of the value of the BHA to the Marina was raised and Russell offered space at the next Open Day when we should staff a pop up stand to publicise and promote the BHA. In addition he recommended Facebook as a valuable promotion means, and possibly some social function, eg in the new restaurant.

4. Wash from vessels. The wash from commercial vessels has caused concern, especially those using “bucket” steering and engines in standard throttle settings. Russell agreed to talk to the owners.

5. External support companies. We discussed the use of “outside” companies for the maintenance of our boats and their engineering. Already there are some contacts promulgated in the Handbook. In addition there are company business cards on the Marina Office counter for boatowners to use. We suggested that we might have a display in the office of companies that are available to work here. Russell agreed to consider what could be done. He admitted that at times the lead time for tasks to be completed by his team could be lengthy and recognised that others may have to be brought in. The Marina did not want to be a Monopoly.

6. Groundings. Groundings are still a problem at times, especially when an excessively low tide. These are reported regularly by Yacht Club racers, as they are the most frequent users, and occasionally by visitors unused to the area. The Bathymetric survey completed and displayed last year has yet to be completed for this year post dredging. It is yet to be done but will be publicised as soon as available.

7. Access times. The opening of the restaurant will mean a change to marina (shore-side) opening times. As you can imagine restaurant customers will leave after their meal…midnight. The plan for security is not yet complete nor barriers/routes built. The revisions will be publicised.

Mike McGregor
Chairman, BHA

Yacht insurance abroad…

I raised the following insurance query with PBO and I asked “If I am dismasted etc. in foreign waters, what cover have I, as skipper, to get my crew home and a replacement crew out when repair is complete?”  Here is a summary of the responses:
  • What’s important is that you chose a policy that complements your sailing and gives you the reassurance that should the scenario you mentioned occur you and your crew are looked after. Should you be sailing outside UK waters and alongside your own boat insurance it is paramount that all crew have a travel policy in place and they have fully disclosed sailing as an activity as some travel policies can exclude sailing.
  • Moving onto your own boat insurance I can’t comment for other insurers but Navigators include “Get You Home Cover” which gets added on to Brest-Elbe cruising ranges which gives cover up to a maximum of £1000 to pay for crew to return to the UK and to get a delivery crew to return the vessel to the home port. This is if the vessel is damaged rendering her unseaworthy by something covered by the policy if it puts it out of use for 7 days minimum, or if someone on board is injured or becomes ill preventing them from sailing for 7 days minimum and it leaves the crew without sufficient experienced crew.
  • If your crew and/or guests suffer financial loss as a result of an incident caused by your negligence as the owner/skipper then they may well be able to claim back some or all of their costs under the liability section of your insurance policy.
  • The absolute key is to fully understood the policy you have purchased and as a result enjoy your boating.
Those of you sailing abroad would do well to check insurance… it is all too easy to take cover for granted.


Chairman’s Blog – November 2013

Thursday 21 Nov I had a chat with Russell and here follows the brief notes on that discussion:

1. Relationship: It is clear that Port Edgar Marina Ltd (PEML) wish to maintain a close relationship with the BHA.

2. Meetings: Russell wishes to have an informal programme of meetings with the BHA Chair whenever there is subject matter to discuss or information to pass.

3. Funding: In the past EL has contributed £100 per annum towards running costs and PEML will continue this arrangement.

4. Security: The current security arrangements will continue and the contract has been let. However, there are plans to improve and upgrade CCTV, lighting and later traffic flow. PEML also plan to have a regular relationship with the local constabulary.

5. Charges: Although still to be finalised, PEML plan to be in line with EL’s charges although VAT will need to feature. There is planned to have a discount for early payment to help defray any increases.

6. Electricity supply and charges: The current arrangement will continue for the present. A straight transfer from EL will take place thus releasing users from any inconvenience. Readings will be taken more regularly and frequently ensuring the closer check of consumption. Review of security of supply may follow at a later date.

7. Boat Jumble: Bosun’s Locker are happy to support the Boat Jumble and may take a table. Further contact with JP Watersports is necessary to get use of the shed. (Added note: Done and JP Watersports support the sale with shed and tables.)

8. Project Office: It is planned to establish a PEML Project Office in the main block. Although it may not be occupied full time, the architect and engineers will be using it to progress the development of the Marina. (Now done)

9. Dredging: The plan to have a capital dredge continues. The licences have been applied for and procurement progresses. It is hoped that the dredge will take place in early February 2014.

10. The Hub: Building a hub for the Marina is planned for year 1 or 2. Information will be promulgated as soon as decided upon, on hoardings around the site.

11. Wifi: The ability to have a reliable Wifi system for the marina and the Yacht Club is in mind as a joint operation. Karl Weibye has been introduced to Russell and discussions and decisions will follow.

I extended an invitation to address the BHA’s AGM next year and he accepted.



East Coast Week 2013

The organisation is swinging into action to bring East Coast Week to the Forth next year and to host the event here at Port Edgar.

In addition to a packed programme of races for yachts and dinghies and there will also be events for others including a passage race for cruisers, a treasure hunt, picnic etc. There will also be a number of social events like an evening cruise on Forth Belle, parties, as well as the prize giving. The aim is to involve traders in a trade exhibition to give us all an opportunity to see new releases of hardware etc.

How will this affect BHA members? As part of the Port Edgar community we have been invited to support the week with a few tasks. These have not yet been finalised but as we firm up ideas from the committee meetings at which we are represented, I will ensure that you get to hear what is happening and invite you to volunteer to take part.