Chairman’s Blog – 31st July 2016

Hi! I’m Mike McGregor, Chair of the Port Edgar Berth Holders Asociation. There’s sailors and there’s berth holders, and most people with boats are obviously both. I’m happy to be classed mainly in the latter category. For me, a sunny windless afternoon at the pontoon, relaxing in the cockpit with a small beverage is more congenial than tacking against wind, tide and rain from beyond the bridges.

I’m sorry there’s been quite a gap since the last Blog, but we’ve been rejigging the online stuff, and I intend to keep in better communincation in future, to give you a few thoughts on current and proposed happenings at Port Edgar and around our coasts. So here we go!

The Clock Change to BST has been and gone, as has 1st June, and the Summer Solstice. It’s Summertime, in fact August is upon us, however much the recent chills and downpours may make you doubt it.

Boats are back in the water, though I’m still carrying out essential maintenance before managing that first trip past the marina entrance. We all look forward to it.

The PE BHA Committee met at the end of May. Our minutes are on the BHA notice board on the Loop Shed. Since then I’ve been talking with Fraser Sturgeon of Port Edgar Marina (PEM) management about some of the issues.A few items from our discussions :

Pontoon Safety: I must say I like the inspection routines in force to keep tabs on Health & Safety. Location schematics showing positions of Rescue Ladders, Life Buoys and Fire Extinguishers are posted on the notice boards outside the PEM Admin Office and on the Loop Shed. We had raised some issues about their accuracy, but they are now fully up to date. It’s worth having a check to see how things are sited near your berth. I have also seen details of the procedures for the testing and checking on extinguishers to ensure they are available and in working order. These seem totally practical.

Drinking Water: The committee had concerns on the availability of drinking water. Tests are carried out on the supplies to the toilets in the Mens and Women’s changing areas, where the sinks have notices to indicate the water is not drinking water. The main reason for the notices is that the water is not off the Mains. It does undergo regular tests for purity, especially to prevent problems such as Legionnaire’s disease emanating from the Showers. There is drinking water available from the cooler in the PEM Office.

Changing Room Security: Lockers are available in the changing areas, but are not lockable. Problems of replacing lost keys are the reason. It is expected that there will be a change in the current arrangements in the near future.

The BHA Committeee will be keeping these and other issues under consideration, and will keep you in touch.

Finally, if you have any issues that you would like to raise as a Berth Holder – or even as another User of, or Visitor to Port Edgar – and you feel we might be able to assist in any way, why not contact us? Our email address is on the Website.

Mike McGregor, PE BHA Chair.