Chairman’s Blog – 11th September 2016

Hello there –

Once again there has been an interruption to communications, but the lack of information from CCTV and the Weather Station have been beyond our control. I’ve set out below what’s been happening plus a few snippets of info for coming weeks

WiFi Outage and Improvements
Port Edgar Marina Ltd (“PEM”) had organised the changeover from their previous Broadband/Phone Line supplier to the Daisy chain. Unfortunately, the ex-supplier managed to institute the changeover a month earlier than the agreed date, cutting off all phone/computer/wifi communications.This resulted in maximum inconvenience for all, with PEM having to operate on mobiles while remedial action was taken. This has now been done, with the service due to restart in full on Tuesday 13th September. 16 new lines will be operational for the Marina complex, with new links to the Loop Shed.

Discussions on wifi upgrades have been held between BHA and PEM.These include wifi cover improvements through a new aerial on the old Crane. We’ll keep you posted..

Haul Out Season
The PEM Boat Hoist has been overhauled and is fully ready for the autumn Haul Out. This year an addition to Marina capability is the Manitou fork lift telehandler with extending boom and work cradle, enabling mast top work to be carried out without the need to take down masts.

Names on Cradles
Apparently, at this time of year, Marina staff waste a lot of time ensuring that they select the correct cradle or trailer for boats being hauled out. Too many cradles are anonymous, without any identification marks. PEM would like boatowners to ensure that the name of their boat is clearly marked on their cradle.

Invasive Species
The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (“SEPA”) have contacted PEM to advise that Japanese Wakame Seaweed has been found in the Marina. This is an invasive species which SEPA wish to eradicate before it gains a foothold in Scotland. Owners are asked to Bag and Bin any of these weeds if seen after hauling out or when using the drying out berth to maintain their boats. SEPA and the RYA provide advice as follows:

Japanese wakame identification:

Japanese wakame background information :

Recreational users

RYA advice –
Recreation water users info – Check Clean Dry is a generic message to marine users with regards to biosecurity of equipment and applies to some water craft also – Check Clean Dry

During the coming winter, dredging will be carried out by the Forth Sentinel to the East of the Main Pier, and between pontoons A and B. This will necessitate the removal of pontoon fingers and temporary relocation of remaining boats to other berths. The Marina will advise berth holders affected. As usual, dredging will be to 2m below Chart Datum.

That’s all for now – as ever, contact us if you have any issues you would like us to take further.

Mike McGregor